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Decanter Centrifuge
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Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge(hereinafter referred to as horizontal screw centrifuge) is suspending liquid with principle of centrifugal sedimentation separation equipment. Equivalent diameter of solid phased particles affected by 3 mu m, weight concentration than 70% or less than 10% or less, or volume concentration, solid and liquid density difference of 0.05 g/m3 or various suspension are suitable for using this kind of centrifuge for solid-liquid separation. Through close cooperation with the international famous centrifuge manufacturing company, the production by the horizontal screw centrifuge LW220, LW300, LW350, LW400, LW450, LW530, LW650, LW760, LW900 etc, on the rotor structure and flow, reverse flow, such as form, spiral, two-way extrusion composite on purpose. With concentration, dehydration and dehydration concentrate one, three-phase separation, classification, clarification, such as models, so it can be widely used to the separation of different requirements. In the biological pharmaceutical industry and food industry widely used model for LW220, LW300, LW350. This can also according to the special needs of users, to undertake manufacturing tasks, equipment type selection and design of this mobile experimental separation material selection can process site material separation experiment was carried out to the user, also welcomed the user carries materials to the small sample and pilot test. This series of products have been batch exports for several years.
Used in chemical, ammonium sulfate, sodium chloride, copper sulfate, potassium chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene; Food: citric acid, fruit juice, lactose, corn fiber, wheat bran fiber, flax, coffee, palm oil, fish oil; Industry: sewage treatment.

Main Modle:LW220, LW300, LW350, LW400, LW450, LW530, LW650, LW760, LW900