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  • Selection of Horizontal Screw Centrifuge

    HR series centrifuge with automatic continuous operation (feeding, filtering, washing, slag discharge), high capacity, low power consumption and uniform, no peak load, compact structure, quick drying,

  • Selection of Open-door Type Tubular Centrifuge

    1. The material liquid handling; Before entering the tubular centrifuge liquid should advance through clarification or pre filter processing, remove large size impurities or precipitation, reduce its

  • The common problems and troubleshooting methods of centrifuge

    Centrifuge as a common kind of equipment in the industry, has been widely used in many fields. Due to its inherent characteristics, and its failure has great effects on the production and living.The c

  • Working Principle of Centrifuge

    When suspending liquid containing small particles let stand don't move, because the role of the gravitational field of suspended particles sinking gradually. The heavier particles, the sinking fas

  • Application Field of Centrifuge

    Centrifuge is the use of centrifugal force, the separation of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid mixture of each component in the machinery.Centrifuge is mainly used for the suspension of

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