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1、Centrifuge Application Design Selection Technology Improvement Expansion of the Production Sell Other

2、Aim of Separation Liquid phase to clarify Solid phase dehydration Granule Classification Liquid Phase Concentration Liquid-liquid Separation Liquid liquid solid three phase separation Other

3、Material Name: Liquid composition: solid phase composition:

4、Material Nature:
A、Solid phase weight percentage   
B、Particle Size Distribution of Solid Phase Particles 
C、Solid phase proportion      
D、Liquid phase proportion      
E、Solid liquid proportion      
F、Materials temperature in handling    
G、Materials PH     
H、 Particle shape flake ball needle other
I、Viscosity of the mixture high medium low
J、Fragmentation of solid phase particles easy general difficult
K、Abrasion resistant material Strong general difficult  
L、Materials of Volatile easy general difficult
M、Toxicity of the material Strong general difficult 
N、 Material of corrosive easy general difficult
O、Material of corrosive Strong general Weak

5、Mixture capacity:L/H 
6、Solid phase diameter:
7、After the separation, content of the solid content in the liquid phase:
8、Especially mixture is difficult separation, whether can use coagulants yes no

9、 Introduction before and after the centrifuge process

10、Now use what method and device to separate material

11、Requirements of motors, electrical equipment: Anti-explosion flame-proof No requirement
12、Operation places of centrifuge: outdoor indoor other

13、Models you ready to choose

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